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  1. These General Terms and Conditions of Business (designated as “GBT” in the following) apply to services provided by Kremslehner Hotels GmbH – listed individually: Hotel Regina, Hotel Royal, Graben Hotel and Hotel Johann Strauss, hereinafter also referred to as "hotel" - towards the hotel guest, the organizer and other contractual partners (hereinafter referred to as "contractual partners").
  2. The services include in particular paid overnight stay, the rental of rooms for e.g. seminars, conferences, private celebrations and other events, as well as the sale of food and drinks and for all related additional services by Kremslehner Hotels GmbH. The contractual partner undertakes to carefully read these general terms and conditions as well as all commercial regulations or other regulations that apply to him - their prior acceptance for the reservation is of course binding. The contractual partner's general terms and conditions are not taken into account at any time, even if the hotel does not expressly object to them.
  3. For all provisions not regulated in these General Terms and Conditions, the General Terms and Conditions as amended for the Hotel Industry 2006 apply. -  




  1. All reservations, changes and cancellations need to be made in writing, whereby electronic transmissions are also permitted, in case the party for whom they are intended can access them under normal circumstances. The rates offered are shown in Euros and include all taxes and services, unless otherwise requested.                            
  2. Reference is made to the current rate lists or there are individually agreed conditions with the contractual partner. If there are any rate changes resulting from taxes and duties, these costs are borne by the contractual partner. Furthermore, new state taxes (of whatever kind) are added to the contract rates.
  3. The hotel is entitled to provide the actual accommodation service in an equivalent hotel.
  4. Unless otherwise stipulated in the individual agreements of the respective contractual partner, or nothing else has been confirmed in the reservation confirmation, the following cancellation conditions shall apply as agreed: CANCELLATION CONDITIONS FOR A STANDARD RATE:  Cancellation free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival day (6 p.m. local time), in the event of a later cancellation or no-show, the costs of the overnight stay and breakfast of the first night will be charged to the customer / debited from the specified credit card number. Should a guest leave early, no reimbursement of the cost of the overnight stay and breakfast will be granted. CANCELLATION CONDITIONS FOR A NON-REFUNDABLE RATE: The room can NOT be cancelled or modified after payment by credit card or direct transfer. The debited amount will no longer be returned. NO SHOW: In the event of cancellation or no-show, the cost of the overnight stay and breakfast will be charged for the entire stay and the room will not be held.
  5. The cancellation fee will be charged immediately after the cancellation has been received and will be withheld from any down payments. Remaining amounts will be transferred back to the provided account details at the expense of the contractual partner. The contractual partner expressly agrees to a charge if a credit card has been deposited as security.
  6. Smoking is expressly prohibited in the whole hotel building. In the event of disregard, the cleaning will be invoiced. The associated costs will also be charged in the event that the affected room or event space cannot be used after the incidence. 
  7. Place of performance and place of payment is Vienna. Austrian law applies to the exclusion of the reference norms. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Vienna, Inner City.


  1. Valuables and cash can either be deposited in the room safe or free of charge in the hotel safe at the reception (if there is free capacity) of the respective hotel. There is a maximum liability amount of EUR 4,000.00 for cash and jewellery brought into the room safe (proof must be provided) and a maximum liability amount of EUR 20,000,00 for cash and jewellery deposited in the hotel safe (reception). 
  2. The Kremslehner Hotels are liable for valuables brought in by hotel guests up to a maximum amount of the hotel's liability insurance. Items of personal use that serve to satisfy material and cultural needs are not considered valuable items, although they can be of great value (e.g. notebooks, mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, etc.). These items are not to be replaced by the hotel.
  3. Items left behind by the contractual partner, insofar as they exceed a recognizable value of EUR 10.00, will only be forwarded at the contractual partner's request, risk and expense.
  4. Valuables, such as cash or luggage, which are brought in by participants of an event can be deposited free of charge in the safe of the hotel or in assigned rooms after announcement of free capacity, in which case the liability of the Kremslehner Hotels is limited to the maximum amount (see above). Otherwise, the hotel assumes no liability.
  5. The Kremslehner Hotels accept no liability for accidents at events.
  6. Regular internet use is available free of charge in the hotel and in the event area. No reduction in the invoice can be requested for any malfunction or for a line failure.


  1. The rooms of the hotel are prepared and made available as agreed with the contractual partner on the basis of the last modified reservation agreements
  2. In order to assert any claims, the contractual partner must communicate defects or deviations to the hotel immediately when the contractually agreed event location is handed over. Changes in or on the objects, technical systems, etc. may only be made with the written consent of the hotel and at the expense of the contractual partner.
  3. A binding written notification of the exact number of participants is required for events with a planned meal service no later than 3 working days before the event. This number counts as a guaranteed minimum number - preparations and billing base on this communicated number. If the contractual partner does not inform the hotel of the exact number, the first given number is considered the guaranteed number.
  4. The organizer is liable for the payment of the individual guest bills. A reduction in the number of guests originally ordered by more than 20% can only be taken into account up to 14 days before the event. 
  5. In the case of large events such as congresses or during the Christmas season, higher rates apply when booking banquet rooms.
  6. Should the staff, which is required for the support of an event and the fulfilment of special requests, exceed the calculation of the hotel; the costs will be charged additionally per employee and hour.
  7. No food or drinks may be brought into the hotel for consumption without the hotel's written approval. The hotel reserves the right to charge an appropriate fee for food and drinks brought along. Any costs incurred (such as stubble, use of dishes, disposal fee) will be invoiced separately by the hotel.
  8. The organizer is liable for damage caused by guests, employees or agents of the organizer. If necessary, the hotel can require the organizer to take out suitable insurance. The hotel is only liable for damage to property brought in or loss of the same if it is at fault on its own and under no circumstances if it is the fault of third parties.
  9. The organizer is not entitled to pass on the rooms made available to him in whole or in part (not even temporarily) to third parties in whatever form without the prior written consent of the hotel.
  10. Prior notice to the hotel is required for any deliveries by the contractual partner or a third party to the hotel. The hotel reserves the right to determine the time of delivery and not to accept packages that inadequately labelled or subject to customs duties. Storage until the event is free of charge. The hotel assumes no liability for the completeness, possible damage or theft of the delivery.
  11. Unless otherwise agreed, the following cancellation conditions apply to events as agreed: In the EVENT OF CANCELLATION up to 4 WEEKS BEFORE THE DATE OF THE EVENT, no fee will be charged. If a cancellation is made UP TO 2 WEEKS BEFORE THE SET DATE, 50% of the total booked turnover will be charged, UP TO 3 DAYS 75% of the total booked turnover and WITHIN 3 DAYS 100% of the total booked turnover will be charged.
  12. If the organizer cancels an already confirmed booking, any costs arising from the preparation, in particular for renting technical equipment, ordering music groups, etc. will be borne in full by the organizer. When calculating the total turnover (food and / or drinks), the contractually agreed number of people is used.
  13. All invoices must be paid directly after the end of the event (credit card or cash). There is also the option of sending a full invoice. In both cases, it is customary to make a deposit before the event, which can be made either in cash, by bank transfer or by debiting a credit card. In the case of a full invoice, we need your exact billing address, company address and a contact person. The total amount of the invoice must be transferred to the account details below no later than 14 days after receipt without any deductions.
  14. In the event of default in payment, 1% of the default interest is to be paid per month; in addition, the costs of the reminder and any collection must be borne by the organizer.

Payments are to be sent to:

Bank Austria

Bank code 11000 // Bank account number: 00247 674 500

Kremslehner Hotels GesmbH

Place of jurisdiction Vienna

IBAN: AT 161100000247674500 / BIC: BKAUATWW

Please always state the name of the company and the date of the event.



In the following cases, the hotel is entitled to terminate the contractual relationship at any time and without giving reasons, if

  1. fulfillment of the contract is impossible due to force majeure, a pandemic, a strike or other circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible.
  2. necessary official permits are missing and the holding of an event is therefore prohibited.
  3. security of the Kremslehner hotels or their guests is endangered or the proper business operations are disrupted. 
  4. insolvency proceedings have been opened against the contract partner's assets.
  5. the cause or purpose of an event is illegal.
  6. Contractual partners have provided misleading or false information; the identity of the contractual partner or his guests, his solvency or the purpose of the event can be essential to the contract.
  7. The public's reputation of the hotel is at risk.

In the event that the hotel withdraws from the contract for the above-mentioned reasons, the contractual partner is obliged to pay compensation, including lost profit. Any liability of any kind on the part of the Kremslehner Hotels is excluded in these cases.



The Kremslehner Hotels take the protection of your data and its confidential treatment very seriously. The hotel therefore acts in accordance with the applicable legal provisions for the protection of personal data and data security - in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of May 25, 2018.

If a customer uses the website or the mobile services, especially for reservation purposes, Kremslehner Hotels GmbH processes personal data under the conditions that are described in detail at