Kremslehner Hotels


Our company - the Kremslehner Hotels GmbH - consists of four hotels, which are already run in the fourth generation as a family hotel since its founding in 1896. In addition to our goal of providing our guests with the best possible service and being economically successful in the long term, we also want to keep an eye on the environment. We have been pursuing sustainable development, longevity and job security goals for years.
We feel committed as a family business especially to the next generation and therefore we stand for a proper, careful and economical use of resources such as food, energy, etc.
Especially Austria stands internationally as a tourism destination for a clean environment and a healthy nature. This will also secure our company for the future and in the further consequence, this also secures many jobs.


The Hotel Regina started years ago a cooperation with the OekoBusiness Vienna and could thus not only massively save costs, but also raise the awareness of the team for the careful handling of food. Also, the constant control of the previously mentioned deficits and the refreshing of the defined countermeasures are massively important. These points need to be incorporated into the daily work routine and should be consolidated sustainably and effectively.

We stand for tradition and family and we very much hope that our future, which is already growing in the fifth generation, will develop the same joy for the hotel industry in order to continue the company in a long-term and environmentally conscious way!

Our environmental policy is implemented as follows:

• We instruct our guests to Vienna´s excellent public transport connection as the basis for an environmentally friendly journey.
• We pamper our guests with preferred regional and fresh food.
• We set a consistent waste prevention and waste separation and involve our suppliers in this process.
• • We keep our heating and cooling systems up to date.
• We rely on a systematic acquisition of the building envelope by means of a thermal imaging camera and renew windows in areas with high heat loss.
• We use heating and cooling energy only where necessary for operation.
• We use our lighting energy-saving.
• We use environmentally friendly laundry detergents and cleaning supplies.
• We are committed to the systematic continuation of technical innovations with the effect of higher efficiency, electricity savings and a longer lifespan
• We use water-saving fittings to reduce water consumption.
• We continuously train our employees in the field of environmental protection.
• We advise our guests on the economical use of water, energy and towels.

Vienna, May 2019
Family Kremslehner & staff of the Hotel Regina