Environmental Policy

The Hotel Regina is centrally situated near the most beautiful sights of Vienna and the satisfaction and well-being of our guests is of great importance to us. Our house offers a well-kept and elegant atmosphere paired with modern comfort.

It is not only our aim to offer our guests the best service possible and to stay economically successful in the long term, but also to maintain an environmental friendly thought and to set the following goals:

Mild use of ressources
Continuous minimisation of energy use by introducing new technology and raising awareness amongst staff and guests
Continuous improvement in waste management

Our environmental policy is enforced by:

  • Pointing out to our guests the excellent public transport system for an environmental-friendly arrival to the hotel
  • Spoiling our guests with preferred regional and fresh food
  • Avoiding too much waste and using recycle bins where possible both in the hotel and with our delivery companies
  • Keeping heating and cooling systems to the newest standards
  • Using heating and cooling systems only where necessary
  • Using energy saving light bulbs
  • Using environmental-friendly cleaning chemicals
  • Using water-saving and water-reducing devices
  • Continuous training of our staff to raise awareness to conserve and protect the environment
  • Pointing out to our guests to use water, energy and towels responsibly